If the government could manage the data they've already got ...

Put simply, the government have shown us in the last week that :

1) They cannot work out how mnay prisoners have escaped from an open prison.
2) They cannot log information of British citizens who commit crime abroad.

Now if they could prove that they can organise the data they already have access to, then we might consider that they might have a case wanting access to more data. Until then, people will rightly have the opinion that this is a government obsessed with getting its hands on your data, even if they haven't got the first clue what to do with it !


Robert said...

You didn't mention the way they have also messed up data from the CSA and the NHS. They can't be trusted.

Edis said...

Or as the immoprtal section in 'Yes Minister' had it (from the episode 'The skeleton in the Cupboard'):

Sir Humphrey: If local authorities don't send us the statistics that we ask for, then government figures will be a nonsense.
Hacker: Why?
Sir Humphrey: They will be incomplete.
Hacker: But government figures are a nonsense anyway.
Bernard: I think Sir Humphrey wants to ensure they are a complete nonsense