Hypocricy and the Roman Catholic church

So the Roman Catholic Church have now turned to blackmail in an attempt to be excluded from law that attempt to make everyone have equal rights in this country. What does that tell us about the people who run the Catholic Church ?

The Roman Catholic church claims that it would be "hypocritical to help gay people adopt when they themselves believe that the only way a child should be brought up is with a married mother and father". Presumably if gay people wanted an exemption from current laws to allow them to punch Roman Catholic priests that would be okay too ?

The Roman Catholic is making itself look appalling over this issue. In the past the Roman Catholic Church has helped prevent birth control methods in Africa, which has led to famine and the spread of aids, with the much written about evidence of systematic cover ups of child abuse by priests and now by saying that Catholics should have a legal exemption so that they can treat some people in society unfairly.

If the Roman Catholic Church stands for the word of God, then I am pleased to live a secular life.

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