Cameron notices a kettle and calls him black

So David Cameron has announced that Gordon Brown lacks a mandate to be Prime Minister. Read about it HERE.

Presumably John Major did too in 1990 ? Of course not, he was a Tory !

So why, according to Dave does Brown lack a mandate ? Well apparently it is because, so says Dave, Tony Blair was elected to serve a "full term". Similarly in 1987, voter elected Margaret Thatcher to serve a full term. Again, no doubt this is completely different because, she was a Tory !

You could take the view that people elected a Labour government in 2005, but Dave doesn't understand this. Presumably if a Tory government was in this situation, as it was in 1990, that would be different ?

To think I wrote yesterday about 11 hypocrites in the cabinet. It seems the Tories retain them at the highlest levels too.


Justin said...

Yes, Nich, there are hypocrites in all parties. Who, in you humble opionion, are the Lib Dem ones?

Norfolk Blogger said...

I'm sure there are others with other political views who will give me the answer to that.

Praguetory said...

Blair promised specifically to serve a full term. Please show me where Thatcher went on record in the same way in the 1987 campaign.

Also, how about living in the present?

Norfolk Blogger said...

Ooh. Touchy !

The reason the Tories want to live in the present is so they can ignore their past. I remember it, that is why I am not a Tory. Of course the Tories want to talk about the here and now, it allows them to forget that they did exactly the same 17 years ago.

As for the difference between Thatcher and Blair, Blair let it be known he would step down whereas the Tories had a coup d'etat without the electorate having any idea it was going to happen. If anything, Labour have been More honest than the Tories were. At least people who voted Labour knew he was going to step down.

Tristan said...

Whilst I see your point and sympathise to a point, there is also a difference.

Blair did promise to serve a full term, he's going, not because he's being forced out by the party but due to the various problems he's having.

Brown is heir apparent, there was nobody in the Tories who was in such a position...

Personally I think Major didn't have any sort of real mandate, but I don't recall Labour making a fuss - perhaps they should have...