Bacton Security - Update

Following my post on Sunday about Bacton gas terminal and the poor security it had been noted for in the past, the EDP reports that Norfolk Police are now paying for armed police to guard the site whilst the MOD is proposing to use MOD police to guard the site in future.

Good news and the right thing to do.

Read the EDP story HERE.


Anonymous said...

With refrence to both your recent comments on the Bacton Security situation,I must inform you that you were remis in the fact that there is in place a very profesional team of on site licenced security officers.
This team has for the past 30 years kept bacton safe and although I agree that the increased presence of MOD police is welcomed, your comments that the security in the past is poor is insulting to the motivated team of profesionals working there.

Norfolk Blogger said...

The "poor" security has to be seen in context. The fact that it was well known that one police car is on duty to cover the whole of that sector of North Norfolk is well known to virtually everybody there.

Of course the security team do their very best, the question is though, is their best able to cope with modern terrorist threats ?

I was not seeking to diminish the effort put in by those security staff.

Anonymous said...

Since arriving in Bacton on the 18th January 2007 we have all been welcomed into your community. The natural warmth and friendliness of those visiting, living or working locally makes it a pleasure to share your community over the next few months. I just hope you do not get too fed up with us constantly patrolling around the local roads and beaches surrounding Bacton. Warmest regards to those we have met and those yet to meet us.