5 things you probably didn't want to know about me

I've been tagged by Iain Dale with the five things meme, which should be things you probably don't know about me, and probably couldn't care less either.

1) I voted for the rump SDP in the 1989 Euro elections.
2) I have stood for election in Coventry and Northampton as well as in Norwich.
3) When I was 10 I used to play for a local football team as a striker with Chris Sutton (formerly of Celtic, Blackburn, Norwich and Chelsea - Now playing for Aston Villa) and I outscored him. Sadly, he earns in one week what I earn in a year. But is he happy ???
4) I hurt my ankle in the March before the 2001 General Election playing football and thought I had torn a muscle, so I never went to the doctors. In the October of 2001 (seven months later) I finally went to the hospital who were slightly concerned I had still got a double break in my ankle and was still playing football (and delivering leaflets of course).
5) I have peculiarly stretchy skin. Apparently there is some medical name for it, but I can stretch my neck skin out over my chin and my class at school think it is hilarious (although my wife thinks I am a freak !)

So there you go.

I will now inflict this on some other poor souls. Nicolas Webb (a Tory, but an Evertonian too !) , Justin Hinchcliffe ( another Tory, but we have mutual friends), Ellee Seymour (ANOTHER Tory !), Paul Walter (one of the most interesting Lib Dem blogs around), and finally Neil Woolcott, since he objected (slightly tongune in cheek I hope) to me revealing my annoyance with "new year" gym members who clog up gyms and fitness centres in January.


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My first ever blogging "meme"! I'll have a think and post the replies in the next couple of days.