Why have I never heard of Paris syndrome ?

I learnt something today, well two things, if you call learning how to re-format and re-install windows on my parents PC. I learnt about something called "Paris syndrome".

Most westerners know about the almost legendary rudeness of the French, and particularly people from Paris. However, it comes as a shock to Japanese who have a romaticised view of the French, little knowing about their arrogance and attitude. Apparently four Japanese people have had to be re-patriated to Japan this year alone with medical assistance, so shocked have these Japanese people been.

Read more about it HERE.

Can anyone think of a UK equivilent or is there somewhere elsewhere in the world even worse than Paris that deserves a syndrome named after it ?


Anonymous said...

Nich, perhaps you are not that bright and that's why you have not heard of it ? It's all the talk in my part of the world, we never stop talking about Paris syndrome.

Seriously, i'd never heard of it either.

Watching Them, Watching Us said...

Jerusalem syndrome is well known - all sorts of mentally unstable pilgrims and tourists, from all of the major religions, seem to suffer from it:


Buster George said...

I know quite a few pwople that suffer from home syndrome, they are repatriated to the pub most nights