Tis the season for the Daily Mail to rant

Spending last night at my in-laws meant that the only paper I could read this morning was the Daily Scum, sorry, Daily Mail.

Reading through it confirmed to me again everything I dislike about the paper, the biggest of which is the fact that it reports very little news, but is heavy on its "witchhunts" against individuals and organisations on the Daily Mail's "hit list". Here is a brief summary :

1) Attacking John Prescott - Why this time ? No new news at all, just a resume of things that have happened in the past dresssed up as new news. Pathetic journalism.

2) BBC attacked for Christmas viewing figures - Of course, the Daily Mail LOATHES this BBC, but when you read the story it shows clearly that 8 of the top 10 shows on Christmas Day were BBC programmes. Quite why this was so bad for the BBC was never explained in the story itself. Again, a pathetic piece of journalism.

3) Labour Party losing members story - Predictable as a story in the Mail, but the story skirted over the fact that the Tories were losing members too !

4) Barclays Scam e-mails - The Daily Mail reports that scam e-mails are going out from scammers trying to get people's login details. Is this really new news ? this has been happening for years ! If the Daily Mail has only just discovered it, well, it says it all.

5) An asylum story (Britain is full of foreigners apparently)

6) Another asylum story (seriously, yes, another)

Yes, this is Britain's best selling "quality" tabloid ! That statement says as much about why this country is in the state it is in than anything the Mail says about the government, if not more !


peter said...

6) Another asylum story (seriously, yes, another)

Well, what was it? You can't do that to us. Let me guess. Asylum seekers cause cancer?

Norfolk Blogger said...

The other one was about the Sangatte centre the French closed down two years ago. They claim the French want to open another centre. The report actually showed that the French government DO NOT want to open another one. The only people calling for it to be re-opened is a French Charity for Immigrants.

Leo said...

is there really anything new in the Daily Toilet Roll talking arse gravy?

Ed said...

I had a similar problem (my mother reads the Mail and she claims I put her on to it coz i once said it would suit her better than the Mirror). This morning's edition was shocking. Every page was like a manifesto for the 'Britain's Gone to the Dogs Party' - no news, just spleen...