Outer harbour for Great Yarmouth is great news for Norfolk

The news today that the outer harbour at Great Yarmouth has cleared the final hurdles before being approved is great news for Norfolk and Great Yarmouth. Read the EDP story HERE.

Great Yarmouth has long lost its cheerful holiday veneer and looks sadly run down. There have been efforts at renewal with work finally commencing on replacing the shopping centre burned down ten years ago, the Oasis being made smarter, Wellington pier being virtually re-built and hopefully soon something to replace the Marina Centre. However, what Great Yarmouth really needs is proper work for local people, not just seasonal work.

The outer harbour will make Great Yamouth and viable alternative to Felixstowe for many bulk carriers and make Norfolk more of an important hub on the transport network. Great Yarmouth has good rail links and it is to be hoped that this will mean that rail will be used as much as possible when the outer harbour is completed.

Overall, good news and potentially a great way of helping Great Yarmouth prosper and develop and be less reliant on the dwindling tourist trade.

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Duncan Borrowman said...

Excellent news.

I will be spending Christmas in Great Yarmouth with the in laws - he is retired but was the Harbourmaster in G.Y.