Nigel Farage claims Tories offered him safe seat

The BBC reports that Nigel Farage is claiming that the Tories offered him a safe seat in Parliament to defect to the Tories shortly before the last general election. Read the story HERE.

The Conservatives have denied the story, but if they had offered him a seat, they would deny it now, wouldn't they ?


Justin Hinchcliffe said...

If you believe this claim, then you believe in Father Christmas! The fact that he could not reveal any information - like who offered him a seat, when and where - is revealing.

Nich, of course I remember meeting you. I did reply on another thread but it was never published as I was having problems with my pc.

David Allen is fine and has a new job with the Lancet which keeps him very busy.

Congratulations on the marriage - hope RS was a good best man!

Let me know when you're next in London, Orange Booker.



Chris Palmer said...

If you believe anything Justin 'tell the poor to fish from the Thames' Hinchcliffe says you need locking up.

What did you get suspended from the Tory Party for again Justin?