New CSA - Will powers actually be used ?

I have my doubts that changing the name of the Child Support Agency and offering it optional new powers will actually make much difference.

The CSA was hopeless, inefficient and obsessed with trying to save the Department for Social Security money rather than actually trying to be fair.

I don't know why the inland revenue are not made responsible for collecting the money owed by parents (note parents, I have a friend who is owed a lot of money from his wife who pays nothing towards her son's upkeep despite her massive income).

The CSA has powers largely unused and they fail to make proper checks in to people's incomes anyway, preferring to make assumptions rather than actually checking. If the CSA fails to use its powers, why should I believe its replacement will be any better ?

Time will tell if there is any improvement.

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Tristan said...

I'm more concerned that it is getting these powers. They're powers only a court should have.
This is yet another infringement of civil liberties and increase in governmental power.
And once they're granted, they won't be taken away, instead they'll probably be granted to more services.