Mohamed Al Fayed - Blind to the facts and the truth

In the wake of the pulblication of the Stevens report in to the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, I listened to the press conference of Mohamed Al Fayed on the radio this afternoon it re-inforced to me that Mr Al Fayed is blinf to the facts and a stranger to the truth.

His comments calling the Stevens enquiry a cover up were simply a case of a man who seeks to hide behind innuendo to deny his employee's involvement in Diana and Dodi's death. His constant insinuation that Diana's death was the responsibility of the Royal family are, yo my mond, distasteful and do little to make people believe he has anything important and useful to say.

The evidence shows quite clearly that Mr Al Fayed's employee was drunk and drove too fast. Accidents can happen and they did. It is about time Mr Al Fayed moved on and stopped trying to find a scapegoat for his son's tragic death.

It is natural to want to blame someone, but his muck raking has to be seen the context of a man with a grudge against the "establishment" who blocked his British citizenship and Diana's two sons who want to move on in their lives. It is time to forget all the conspiracies and move on.

Lord Stevens is a good man who has been very thorough in preparing his report. Given a choice of who to believe, Mr Al Fayed or Lord Stevens, I know who most people would back, and he isn't an Egyptian !

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Paul Walter said...

Absolutely right, Nicholas. If you haven't already read it, I would thoroughly recommend "Al Fayed - the unauthorised biography" by Tom Bowers. After reading that, you would not tend to give Al Fayed much credibility.