Is this the NHS Labour are so proud of ?

My mother has just been in hospital for a minor operation. She has left today, two days later than expected, feeling very let down by the NHS. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, she was supposed to go in for just one day, but the minor operation left her in too much pain, so they insisted that she should stay overnight because, and let me stress this point, SHE WAS IN TOO MUCH PAIN AND NEEDED LOTS OF PAIN RELIEF.

So what happens when she gets to the ward ? She is not given any proper pain relief other than a paracetamol because, and again this needs to be stressed, THEY SENT HER TO A LOW DEPENDENCY WARD WHERE THEY CANNOT ADMINISTER THE STRONG PAIN KILLERS SHE NEEDED !

Absolute bloody incompetence.

If this is added to the fact that the hospital also lost my mothers stronger medication she brought in with her and then she waited 8 hours for a doctor to turn up to discharge her today, this really is a sorry tale of shockingly poor standards of health care.

Mr Blair, I hope you are proud !

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Rob said...

Very sorry to hear about this Nick. Hope you mum is okay.