Hazel Blears - Desperation setting in ?

The BBC reports that Hazel Blears has joined a protest against the government's proposed closure of a maternity unit in her constituency. You could almost admire her for this were it not for the background to the story, the on going Labour selections in the area and her past record.

Iain Dale reported about two weeks ago on the fact that Hazel Blears has already lost out on selection for one of the new seats being carved out of her existing seat as a result of boundary changes whilst she is looking more likely to lose than win in the other. This means that a Blair loyalist minister could be deselected.

One of the reasons for her possible de-selection (or non-selection), it has been claimed, is because she is such a government crony, supporting Tony Blair even when his polcies are bad for her own constituents. From this, it is clear to see why she is now trying to appear disloyal.

So the simple rule is, if you want an MP' who will fight for your area, don't choose a government minister.

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