Even when Lembit Opik does the right thing, people assume the worst !

It's funny how it becomes important news on the BBC to report that an MP has taken up an issue and dealt with it appropriately.

So why was it that when I read the story that I expected the worst ?

The fact that the BBC is reporting this HERE seems a little odd when it is quite clear that he passed the matter on to the appropriate local MP, as he should have done, and when discussing it with the minister, he stated he knew the person in a personal capacity, as he should have done.

I guess the problem is that people now always assume the very worst of MP's, so it is just a little bit sad that when Lembit appears to have acted appropriately, the BBC has written this story as if he has a not.


Anonymous said...

Contagion I think. Blunkett did and should not have done because he WAS the minister. Press now half believe that anyone asking about a visa is on a slippery slope

btw could you email me, Nich?


Anonymous said...

I disagree with your POV on this, due actually to the fact he is shagging her. *Limpit* symbolises everything that is wrong with British politics nowadays.

In addition to his inappropriate *celebrity lifestyle*, his sexual nepotism has become clear. Friends in high places, eh?

Limpet states that he acted with *total propriety* - despite having reiterated to the MP's involved that he knew them in a personal capacity. Oh yes, very personal Limpet! What a hanger on.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I would add that I received 3 almost identical comments from "anonymous", with slight alterations to each, but perstistent use of the * symbol (very odd) and almost identical phrases. Obviously this was an attempt to make out there was mass indignation at Lembit, but the fact they were all sent within a 12 minute period was too much of a give away.

I decided to publish one of the comments, but didn't print the other two as there was no point, they were almost identical.

It is a shame that people have to send multiple false comments in this way.