Coastal Concern Action Group - Saving Happisburgh and a coastline near you soon

It is good to see the Coastal Concern Action Group getting some of the credit it deserves HERE on the EDP website.

I have been at meeting that Malcolm Kerby has run on the subject of Happisburgh, the offshore dredging and the dangers to the Norfolk coast and he is a passionate and incredibly well informed man. He has worked really closely with North Norfolk District Council and Norman Lamb and has got everyone in North Norfolk pulling together on this.

They deserve praise and I wish them good luck in their endeavours.

They also have a website HERE. It is certainly worth looking at.


e said...

Yes, this issue has been fudged and ignored for years, coastal erosion is nothing new, but nobody seems to want to take responsibility and pay the sort of money that's needed.
I know my MEP Robert Sturdy has been working on this too and is very concerned.

My son wrote a school project on coastal erosion for his geography gcse, so it means I'm a bit of an expert on this too!

James said...

The Dutch made their investment in protecting their coastline many years ago. Will the UK ever follow suit? I don't currently see any signs of the political will.

Norfolk Blogger said...

The irony is that most of the aggregates removed offshore from the North Norfolk coast are ectracted under license by the Dutch in order to protect their coastline.

So in damaging our coastline, theirs is protected.