Annoying things about Christmas - Number 4

In the fourth part of my regular seasonal series of things that annoy me about Christmas, number four is ... Santa Claus.

The reason for this is nothing to do with the Christmas story and de-christianisation of Christmas, it is because we, in the UK do not hav a tradition of calling him Santa Claus. He is, in the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and any number of other commonwealth countries called Father Christmas, not Santa.
I know it's not important, but "Father Christmas" is a tradition in this country, "Santa" is an American one. Let's keep our own traditions, please !

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Stephen Tall said...

You're right, Santa Claus is regarded as an Americanism. But it's etymology is more 'Christian', even traditional, than Father Christmas. From Wiki: "The popular American form Santa Claus originated as a mispronunciation of Dutch Sinterklaas, which is a contracted form of Sint Nicolaas (Saint Nicholas)."