What Norwich voters should know about the Green Party's leadership

Norwich voters have in recent years elected a few Green councillors. I am friends with one of them, and a very nice person she is, although I'd would never vote Green. The real reason for this is that I know what they stand for, and it's not just caring for the environment (all political parties do that now to a greater or lesser degree).

So I was pleased to see Joe Otten highlight some details about the Green's new joint principle speaker on his blog HERE. It really should be read by all potential Green voters, especially those living in the leafier much more middle class parts of Norwich who don't have a clue that they are voting for people with such ideas.

I would urge everyone to find out what the Greens stand for. At the moment in Norwich is is just opposing anything that does not work well and claiming credit for everything that does work well, but it is actually much more serious than that !


Antony said...

Where are the leafy middle class areas of Norwich Nich? Everywhere I think of that matches that description already votes LibDem!

The Greens hold the city centre Mancroft Ward. Also Wensum, one of the most deprived wards in the City. Nelson too - the golden triangle high student population etc. Only Town Close might qualify but there are swathes of the golden triangle in that ward too - and plenty of deprivation too.

I wouldn't gloat too much about the Greens being socialist it might win them votes! As for this chap being a marxist, am I right in thinking that a "principle speaker" is different from a party leader? I wonder if Cllr Ramsay is a marxist ... I must ask him!

Good work with blog BTW Nich, keep it up.

Norfolk Blogger said...

There are some nice parts in Town close, some nice bits in Nelson Ward and I think you only need to see how "in demand" houses are in the Golden Triangle to realise why it has that name.

I'm not going to trade street names with you on this issue, but I think we both know that a lot of people vote for the Greens without having the first idea what they really stnd for.

Antony said...

Oh absolutely - the same people who voted LibDem without knowing what they stood for! ;-)

Sorry, knockabout stuff... but you are correct about this issue. People assume the Greens are all fluffy and lovely but they have some radical ideas about what to do in the City, not least on transport. People need to wake up on this issue and see the Green truth a bit more. But having said that, I get the impression from the doorsteps that people don't know what the Norwich LibDems stand for anymore. Labour very successfuly rebranded themselves a few years back - do you remember the slogan "Not New Labour, Not Old Labour ... Norwich Labour"? Well it seemed to really work. Maybe the LibDems need to do something similar.

The trouble with the Greens now is the trouble we had with the LibDems ten years ago. If you attack them nobody believes you and then you end up looking a bit sad and twisted. We warned about the LibDem "threat" in the mid 90s and people voted yellow anyway because they wanted change. I think the same thing is now happening with the Greens.

So, what do I think we should do about the growing Green tide? Nothing. Ignore them - I am now convinced you can't attack them and pointing out their lunacies doesn't work. Allow them to fail on council business and ward work. It is the only way as far as I can see.

I suppose the trouble is that the Greens are making hay at the LD expense so it is more urgent for you lot.

What do you think?

p.s. House prices are falling in the golden triangle - properties aren't moving. Try carrow village, silver triangle or thorpe hamlet for much better property bets. Or so one estate agent told me last week.

e said...

The Green Party success in Norwich is quite amazing, let's hope it can blue soon.

Antony said...

Ok, Ok, having spent the last few hours with them at full council I much more see your point of view. Especially one in particular!