US mid term election results - Should I sit up to watch them ?

I'm something of an election nut. I love sitting up and watching election results, local election night on TV and radio, the general election, Euro elections, actually, just about any election at all, I'll sit and watch the result come in.

I don't have any massive interest in the US results other than a distinct loathing for George W Bush, and as a result the Republican Party. I have also seen a number of the negative ads the Repuclican's have been running on Youtube and on other blogs, and quite frankly, to describe the people who run these adds as the scum of the earth would be too kind. So as a result, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Demcrats big time.

The thing is, do I sit up for the results ? I've marking to do (I could combine the two - wait for results, mark some book), and I need the sleep (don't I always), I have a bad back today (it feels better lying down), but this is balanced agains the fact that I LOVE WATHCING ELECTION RESULTS PROGRAMS !

I guess I'll see how I feel (which means yes, I'll sit up and watch the results)


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Anonymous said...

Well... I'm going to listen to a bit of it. In 2005 I spent some time working in Congress, and am very interested to see how things will turn out. I'm not sure it will be the clear cut victory everyone expects for the Democrats. Remember that most seats (in the House at least) have been gerrymandered to such an extent that they are actually unwinnable for the other side.

We will see! Sadly this will not match some of the legendary election nights of the past. Like 2005, when some uni mates and I made different colour cocktails for each party and drank the appropriate cocktail for every seat won.We got through a full case of Stella.

As I remember, Labour was snakebite and black (working class drink according to my friend!), and the Tories were blue lagoon (more sophisticated). Lib Dems were vodka, lemon and lime, a rather unsettling mix in my view. Tho what that could have said about Lib Dem policies I cannot speculate.