Tory parliamentary candidate suspended over dodgy e-mail

The BBC reports on its website about the case of Conservative Councillor, Ellenor Bland, who stood for parliament for the Tories at the last election, who has been suspended pending an investigation in to an e-mail sent from her e-mail account.

What I found most odd though was Cllr Bland's explanation of the situation.

" It was forwarded on by my husband, who took it in the form that he thought it was sent and that was a light-hearted view, which, again, anybody broadly thinking would not have made anything out of it, as has been made to be at this present time"

Yes, now everything is clear, right ?

Is she saying that anyone who is bright can see what it is or is she saying that it is offensive but not that offensive or is she saying that it is offensive but that's okay because it was a joke or is she saying it isn't offensive in the slightest ?
Answers on a postcard please to ...
UPDATE - 20.15 - The plot thickens ! Apparently she is a Cameron supporter, according to the excellent Liberal Revue blog. Click HERE to read the latest.


UK Daily Pundit said...

Your header describes your motives for maintaining this blog is to "talk a little politics whilst avoiding the political point scoring and innuendo that affect so many blogs." Isn't that exactly what you're doing? And are the Lib Dems whiter than white?

cassilis said...

I'm one of those new 'warm & cuddly' Tories who signed up on the strength of Cameron's pledge to rid the party of idiots like this woman. If he doesn't deal swiftly and forcefully with her I may reconsider..

Her performance in PM with Eddie Mair this evening was shameful..

Norfolk Blogger said...

I'd hope the Lib Dem would take action in such a case. I note what cassilis has said and it says much for him. We'll see what happens.

I have to say to UK daily pundit that I have reported facts. You tell me what she was trying to say in that statement of hers ?

Antony said...

Spot on uk daily pundit.

Nich - this is not fair, open minded or avoiding point scoring. This blog is, like most others, a party political effort. And the difference is that if you set yourslef up as something else then you are bound to look a fool when it all goes wrong (a la this post). Either be a LibDem blogger or be a fair and open minded independent blogger. You can't be both Nich. Just be honest.

cassilis said...

I haven't been reading this blog long enough to make an informed judgement on whether or not Nicholas is sticking to his noble desire to avoid 'point-scoring'. On this issue though I don't think he has any case to answer.

The original post didn't draw any inferences about Tories as a whole and simply focused on the facts of the story as reported via the mainstream media as well. I'm a broadly centre-right blogger and while I didn't post specifically on this story if I had I would have condemned Ms Bland regardless (see above).

If I ever think the Tories step out of line I’ll call them to account and I’m sure Nicholas would do likewise with the Lib Dems. It is possible to remain roughly aligned with a particular party but still retain some editorial independence and judgement.

Norfolk Blogger said...

I have reported facts here. I have not made things up about people (something to note Antony). Yes, it is a political blog, but unlike most political blogs, I offer praise to the opposition where it is due (again, something to note Antony). I praised Quentin Davies at the weekend (a Tory MP) and ahve praised the government in the past.

Anonymous said...

Not sure that Cllr Little is the person to lecture on this. His nasty 'look at me, I am so great' blog is largely half truths and contains few facts.