Sepp Blatter - An idiot in charge of the world's greatest sport

After years and years of asking, Sepp Blatter has finally agreed to trial goal line technology at next year's World Club Championships. Read HERE.

I saw a demonstration on TV about 8 years ago showing how this technology could be easily used, providing a referee with a small sensor that simply lit up when a ball had crossed the line. No delays, no need for replays, instant and correct answers. So why has it taken Sepp Blatter so long ?

In great part it is because he is in debt to the African lobby whose block votes saw him become head of FIFA, but also, I personally believe, because he is a fool who knows nothing about technology and the pressures referees are under.

His ludicrous comment "We have to keep to keep the human factor and that includes refereeing error" shows just how stupid the man is. Okay, refereeing mistakes do make for great debate, but I don't go to a match to watch errors. It's like suggesting that awful tackles are part of the game and provide a good talking point. Do we want to encourage them ?

There is talk if Michel Platini standing against Sepp Blatter next time he is up for election. Most countries outside of Africa want to see the use technology widened to make games fairer. I do too and I believe most fans want to see as clean a game as is possible. The only obstacle we have at present is an idiot in charge of FIFA.

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