Norwich City deserved defeat - Shame on Ipswich fans who abused injured player

Let me say straight away, what a poor performance by Norwich, too much standing off the ball, sloppy passing, woeful levels of effort and generally, and complete opposite to Ipswich's endeavour, effort, pace and skill.

I'm sad to say it, but Ipswich were worthy winners.

However, shame, shame and more shame on the Ipswich fans who abused Luke Chadwick as he clattered in to the advertising hoarding in front of them doing himself a very nasty injury in the process. The appeared to be one Ipswich fans standing above the hoarding and shouting at Chadwick as he lay there in absolute agony whilst others laughed hysterically. Not nice, not nice at all.

I have friends who are Ipswich fans, and I doubt they would be proud of fans like that.

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