Norfolk faces NHS meltdown

The full extent of NHS cuts in Norfolk is becoming clearer each week. The Eastern Daily Press has really been doing a fantastic job keeping the pressure on the government and local MPs in order to make sure that they are being as vocal as possible over the extreme peril Norfolk NHS services face.

The EDP highlights the problems HERE and HERE , in two separate articles on their website. It is really rather worrying.

It will be an interesting point of focus for local elections next year in Norfolk. There are no Labour Councillors in South Norfolk, Broadland or North Norfolk, and if the NHS is used properly as an issue, they could be wiped out in Breckland too and lose seats in Norwich.

I read that Dr Ian Gibson, Labour MP for Norwich North is very upset about the situation and I know he is well known for be a Labour rebel, but his angry words will do nothing to change the government's minds on this. He will continue to take the Labour whip, and that is all that matters to the government. As good a local MP as he is, he is still a supporter of this Labour government, and this is something that the electorate of Norwich North will have to remember at the next election if they have missed out on NHS services due to the government cuts.

The only way Labour will learn a lesson and realise how angry people are is they take a good thrashing in the local elections next May.


Antony said...

I agree and I think that even if Mr Gibson does stand next time he might just have a shock.

Gary Elsby stoke said...

Why are you making this up Nick?

In the run up to last local elections, our NHS was making 1000 nurses and staff redundant and evryone had to re apply for their own jobs. A new hospital not to be built.

A near Labour wipe out.

Today, it transpires that 150 backroom staff are to be made redundant and we are having a brand new hospital built fit for 21st Century.

To boot, we are having a further 4 hospitals on tap as well.

The lies about NHS meltdown are disregarded around here and the 'socialist party' is rubbished as well.

Nick, state your case or remove the lie.

Find me one Labour MP , councillor or member that is responsible if you can.


Norfolk Blogger said...

In Norfolk due to government cuts, the PCT is going to have to lose over half of the beds in rural cottage hospitals.

Read the reports (the links are there for you to read), get your head out of the sand, and wake up and smell the coffee. Even Ian Gibson, a local Labour MP is quoted in the reports regarding the cuts.

Pathetic Gary, quite pathetic.

Rob said...

The mystical "Gary Elsby" is a sad apologist on a number of other blogs for the Labour Party.

He fails, in this particular case, to understand the Norfolk cuts because, as he has shown, he thinks Nich is writing about NHS cuts due to budget overspends. Gary does not understand that Norfolk has hit by cuts in the budgets for Primary Care Trusts, because rural areas (Stoke on Trent isn't known for its rual outlook), have been severly cut.

Rather than being an apologist for Labour, he would do well to read up on the particular problem rather than make himself look foolish by commenting on something he knows nothing about.

Those people living in Norfolk who read this blog will know exactly what the problem is and that it is avery real problem.

Anonymous said...

The sooner that Labour are gone, the better, that's what part of me thinks, but then I see Blair MkII "Dave" grinning, and I worry !

I know some Tories in "that there London down south" who know "Dave", and I was surprised how many who actually know him dislike hime as a person.

Gary Elsby stoke said...

Isn't it a pity that I don't know what I'm talking about.

A rarity indeed.

Read again and spot the scare.

The turnaround team will put it right that a office bod got wrong.

No chance will you in Norfolk convince anyone else that you deserve more than the record funding that you enjoy.

We are now level with the European average spend and it will continue up to 2008 which will be the best in the EU.

You are being misled and fooled by aliens with a less than positive outlook.

Be my guest, lie if you wish but Norfolk is better now than ever before.


Gary Elsby said...

I've re-read the links you gave and I remain even more unconvinced that this is a fair slant on this story.

You seem to have numerous PCT's that have ammalgamated into ?? how many? Not bad spending £500,000 on people doing the same job for the same people.

You have a turnaround team in operation. same as every other overspending authority.(a small %).

I may not know what I'm talking about and write in the same vein but you have overspent by £50M and had no right to do so.

I gather those responsible have removed themselves from such positions of mismanagement.

It's your problem, deal with it just like the rest of us have to.

Stop blaming politicians for something they have not done or caused.

Most of the money has gone on pay rises and reduced hours for increased personell.


Gary Elsby stoke said...

"To avoid the political pointscoring etc...." NORFOLK BLOGGER.

"Give labour a bashing etc...". SAME BLOGGER


"£10BN each and every year into the NHS over and above normal funding unti reaching the EU average". GARY (of course).

Vote Labour