Labour Ministers use Human Rights Act as scapegoat : The Independent

Yes, the Human Rights Act is not perfect. Yes, it might need amending in places and it might need to be clarified, but if anyone should understand it should be senior government ministers. Shouldn't it ?

So why is it, according to the Independent today, that the Human Rights Act has been used on three separate occasions as a scapegoat for court cases going wrong when, in fact, the Human Rights Act (HRA) has not applied in those particular cases. This included the Afghan hijackers who claimed asylum in the UK, which prompted the tabloid headline featured on the right. Incidentally, this tabloid cover was used on the Conservative blog "Conservative Home" as justification for abandoning the HRA. It seems the Tories don't understand it either !

Is this inept government or simply trying to pass the buck ? In the same way as everything is the fault of "Brussels and Europe", for some, now the government blame the HRA for everything. Sad.

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Liberal Neil said...

Yes - and I suspect the story about drug users being compensated for their enforced 'cold turkey' was much the same. That case could probably have been brought under the normal law around 'duty of care' that already existed before the Human Rights Act.