John Reid and the excuses he was allowed by Nicky Campbell

On Radio Five live this morning, Nicky Campbell started an interview with John Reid likening his language to John Wayne with a someone flippant comment which instantly got John Reid in to attack dog made and made Nicky Campbell look slightly daft.

This rather clever indignation from John Reid suddenly took the sting out Nicky Campbell and he instead became completely passive and allowed John Reid to blame "the Conservative's and the Liberals" for blocking government legislation.

It didn't even occur to Nicky Campbell to suggest that Labour actually have a majority in Parliament ? The Lib Dems and Tories together do not have the votes to defeat Labour. They can only do this if enough Labour MP's are also so disgusted at this Labour government's distain for civil liberties.

So, a pathetic excuse by John Reid and pathetic interviewing by Nicky Campbell to let him get away with it.


Robert Jackman said...

John Reid is a rampant tankie monster intent on crushing civil liberties - unfortunately it'll take more than Nicky Campbell to stop him. We know he's a forceful man - perhaps that why the Queen's Speech was full of so many of his ideas.
Reid is determined to extend the detention limit to 90 days and reintroduce 18 hour house arrests - scary stuff for anyone with liberal credentials.

Rob said...

Campbell is better off grilling some poor press spokesman for British Gas or some other business on Watchdog than trying to put politicians on the spot. He is out of his depth !