Its official : Greens claim credit for everything

The good news that Norwich has been voted the "greenest place in Britain" has been rather soured in my mind by the fact that BBC Radio Norfolk allowed to Green Party time this morning to officially take the credit for it.

Read about Norwich's success HERE.

Clearly the BBC interviewer knew less about the poll than he was letting on and allowed the Green Party spokesman to take full credit for the success. He even allowed the Green to claim it was because of the Green Party's success in elections that Norwich had won. The BBC Radio Norfolk interviewer failed to point out that those place that came second and third, Peterborough and Tunbridge Wells have little or no Green Party activity or success. If Green Party success was such a key factor, why wasn't Brighton and Hove as high on the list, an area with more Green success than they have in Norwich.

I'm surprised whilst the Greens were at it they didn't claim the credit for motherhood and apple pie !

If the BBC radio interviewer was really clued up he would have pointed out that the Greens have not been in power in Norwich and would have had more political balance in the interview.

Typical Greens, claim credit for every success and deny any involvement with anything else.


Antony said...

Anybody who knew anything about the way that the LibDems campaign in Norwich South will know what absolute hypocrisy this posting is!

Nich - it's the way you tell 'em!

Norfolk Blogger said...

The Greens will be proud of your support.

I guess that campaigning in Bowthorpe against an incinerator that your Tory chums on the County Council were proposing wouldn't count as duplicitous ?

Antony said...

LOL! On the issue of the incinerator I looked at the facts, went to public meetings, read the papers, spoke to local people and made my mind up. Isn't that we want politicans to do? It wasn't a political stunt ... I've stuck by my word on this (as has MP Richard Bacon).

I have been fair and opening minded on that issue Nich ...

... and if that is the best you can throw at me, keep trying!

Anyway it doesn't detract from the fact that the LibDems in Norwich (and elsewhere) take credit for anything they can.

As the old saying goes, "a Tory/Labour Councillor will fix a street light, and the LibDem Councillor will put a leaflet taking the credit for it".

Norfolk Blogger said...

Odd that you are not upset that the Greens are claiming credit for this.

As for the claim that Lib Dems claim credit for Tory councillors efforts, it's not really a problem in Norwich is it, not many Tories there whilst in Fakenham, we have no Tory councillors at all.

Antony said...

I didn't say that ... I said LibDems take credit for everybody's actions! If you want examples from around Norwich or the country I am sure that I and the blogging communiuty could help you ;-)

Like you I think the Greens have a cheek to claim this, but your party is just as bad. I deplore both of you.