Herceptin not being funded by government

The Norwich Evening news reports that the local Primary Care Trust are making some people wait up to a year for some treatments so that others can have the new wonder drug herceptin.

Read the story HERE.

What is sad about this is that because a new treatment is available that can save lives, a new treatment which in many ways is a major leap forward in treatment, there has been no matching leap forward in funding for PCT's to support he use of this drug. When herceptin can cost tnes of thousands of pounds for a single treatment, it was obvious as soon as NICE (the national institude for health and clinical excellence) gave it approval, that it would mean other people going without.

Even Dr Ian Gibson, Labour MP for Norwich North has been quoted as saying:

“When NICE recommends a drug for use on the NHS it should work with the government to ensure money is ring-fenced to fund it. I really don't know how the PCT can carry on funding expensive drugs under the current financial climate."

The government can find millions every day to fund the war in Iraq but cannot find a fraction of that to fund treatment to save British lives at home. I know many Labour supporters and members will feel as let down by that fact as I do.


Gary Elsby stoke-on-trent said...


Cost has no determining effect upon those that need it by those that pay for it.


Norfolk Blogger said...

You make yourself look sao silly again Gary. The article I linked this story too clearly shows it to be the case whilst the Primary Care Trust meeting I went to last week clearly spelled out to use that closing beds would help pay for herceptin. Of course, you know best, but you were not at the meeting.

Why don't you set up your own blog Gary ?

Gary Elsby stoke said...

Nick, I've re-checked the position on Herceptin. It was condoned earlier this summer.

The initial fight was here in Stoke.

The ruling from Patricia Hewitt was that cost is not a factor if Doctors agreed it to be a valid cure.

Your pct's stance of rationing other care if Herceptin is given seems a bit of a blackmail to me.

The NHS is a rationing excercise for everyone but Herceptin and rationing of other treatments is odd.

I agree with patricia and most certainly disagree with your closing comments to your opening blog.

Out of order, i'm afraid Nick, but we socialists put up with this each and every day but I'm personally proud to have seen a Human rights criminal put on trial.
No connection to Herceptin or your pct whatsoever.

Why not cut Norfolk's police officers to pay for Herceptin and other drugs?