Can anyone hum a Pete Doherty song ? Does anyone care ?

When I listen to Radio One (yes, I am still just about young enough to do so), I occasionally here about the "brilliant" or "genius" Pete Doherty, yet, apart from him being well know for various convictions, mainly drugs but also plenty of others, I cannot tell you anything about his music.

The other day, the subject of Pete Doherty came up, and apart from one song he did when he was in "The Libertines", which people sort of remembered the tune, but didn't know who it was, nobody could hum a Pete Doherty tune. All we knew was he took drugs and goes out with Kate Moss. In many ways, he is known fdor his celebrity and it is incidental that he plays some music because his music is just incidental, not stand out, not that good.

I saw him on Jonathan Ross, obviously when he was "clean", and he seemed shy, not offensive, and obviously could play a guitar well. I hoped this would be the start of something good for him, great music and properly being "famous" as opposed to "infamous".

So his recent decline again really begs the question, is Pete Doherty this great talent that people talk about or is it that in the modern musical world, there are not really any of the old "throw a tv out of a window" rock stars around. So is everyone is blessing Pete Doherty with some sort of musical talent just because he also shows the riotous outrageousness that some truly great musicians have shown in the past ?

The Independent reports today on his latest drugs bust but it leads me to say again, so what ? "Famous druggy arrested for possessing drugs" is much like "famous footballer kicks a football". When he writes some music that people can actually talk about and remember (like Kurt Cobain did with Nirvana), then I'll be more interested.

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Jason Morgan said...

07837254161 - Ring me; I'll hum you every Pete related song under the sun...

"I cannot tell you anything about his music."

well how about some research before you rip him? He is a lyrical genius, tens times more talented than Kurt Cobain (oh yes, well done for mentioning him by the way, your the most musically inclined person I now know!). If you are unfamiliar with even one Libertines or Shambles song the perhaps you are too old to listen to Radio One.