Broadland Council's "eco" credentials take a knock

David Cameron would be proud. A local Tory run council in Norfolk is trying to get a man to remove solar panels from his property.

Read about the actions of Broadland District Council HERE !


Iain Dale said...

Nich, a plainly ridiculous decision, but as you know, they would only be obeying orders. I wouldn;t mind betting North Norfolk planning officers would have done exactly the same thing. This is nothing to do with party politics, as you well know!

Norfolk Blogger said...

I probably was being a bit mischievous Iain, but it is a ridiculous situation.

Would Cameron change the laws though ? Lots of NIMBY's amongsth the Tories, as there are in other parties.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be more sense on allowing micro generation such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Firstly no VAT on Solar Panels, Mini Turbines or 10" loft insulation, or for the surveys/installations.. Taxing good things doesn't make sense.

Other than Listed Buildings, the above microgeneration units should not be subject to planning permission, and roof turbines could be dealt more effectively and cost effectively via Building Regs/Inspection (Structural tick off/ok), rather than a costly planning process subject to irrational/ spurious objections.

Council Tax reductions for Carbon Neutrality from Energy Conservation and Microgeneration investments by householders, and those who recycle most of their rubbish.