Another supermarket closes in Fakenham - Thank you Tesco !

The EDP reports on its website today that Rainbow supermarket in Fakenham will close in two weeks. This is the second supermarket to close in Fakenham since Tesco came to town.

I openly and vocally opposed the opening of the new Tesco, not just because I feared for the economy of Fakenham, but also becaues of its ludicrous location and the unwillingness of Tesco to build a bridge so that it could be accessed from the by-pass. At the time I got a lot of stick from people. One or two said they wouldn't vote for me again, others, even though they disagreed with me were pleased to have a councillor who actually stated an opinion for a change.

Tesco at the time along with their supporters claimed that they would provide more choice, and with that could come lower prices. Now, with the closure of Budgens in the centre of town (only the budgens local is left) and Rainbow, closing in two weeks, the people without cars and those who shop in Fakenham town centre now really have no choice at all, and Tesco are in a monopoly position in the centre of town, which is, after all, what they wanted and knew would happen. This is, however, the opposite of the "choice" they offered the town.

The great shame is that Rainbow (part of the Co-op) had permission to extend and rebuild, but have chosen to sell out to Lidl. Yes Lidl will provide an alternative, but they are not a mainstream supermarket like Tesco, Rainbow, Sainsburys, Waitrose, Asda or Morrisons, and they will not be open for more than six months.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Morrisons on the edge of town will go ahead with the extension they talked about so that Tesco will really have to fight for customers.

I'm not at all pleased to be proved right about the affect Tesco has had on Fakenham. Budgens gone (and with it the Post Office), Rainbow gone, Curry's gone, and talk of others who are re-thinking their position. It happened in Stalham where rivals closed and smaller independent shops went to the wall, and it's starting to happen in Fakenham too.


Anonymous said...

Hard luck mate you were, and still are right ,Tesco will blight the Town and slowly but surely destroy its very soul.
But there is nothing you can do except watch the certain decline as the towns shoppers become drunk on the imported tasteless crap and rubbish which tesco sells.

Tristan said...

I tend to feel people are really paranoid about Tesco...
It seems to have become a hate figure.

Rainbow has closed its because Tesco and Morrisons are doing a better job and attracting more customers.

If they do get a true monopoly then its time to be worried. If they start increasing price after competition has left (or mainly left) then perhaps there's cause for legal action.

To blame everything which goes wrong on Tesco (which some people, although not you, are doing) is absurd.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Tesco fan and sympathise with your Fakenham shoppers. We are fortunate to have a local store in my village, and it seems to be well used.