Annoying things about Christmas - Number 3

In the third of my regular series under the title "Annoying things about Christmas", I hereby nominate ... Coca Cola. Now, I want to make it clear first of all that I love Coke, I drink far too much of it and I'll drink it all Christmas, so I am not hacing a go at the drink.

There are, however, two reasons for their nomination. Firstly, they are always credited with creating the Red suited Father Christmas. This is an urban myth. A bit of searching on the internet will show this.

But there is another reason, those bloody awful adverts they insist on having. You've seen them "holiday's are coming, holidays are coming ..." Truckloads of Coca-Cola lorries drive along lighting up the countryside like Blackpool Illuminations, "holidays are coming holidays are coming".

They drive me up the wall ! I have not seen their Christmas ads yet appearing, but I guess it is only a matter of time. Don't get me wrong, I like Diet Coke especially, bu their ads, as the Americans would say "suck"

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