Annoying things about Christmas - Number 2

A couple of weeks ago I started a list of things that annoyed me about Christmas. The second thing on my list is - Americans !

Well, not American's "per se", more the American obsession with "Happy Holidays !". I thought America was supposed to be a Christian country, obsessed and filled with Conservative Christians banging on about god, Jesus and the devil, yet the same country that celebraes halloween (bizarre and contradictory in itself), fails to wish people a "Happy Christmas" and is obsessed with "Happy Holidays ".
I go on my holidays in August. I just happen to have time off at Christmas, not go on holiday.

If a council in the UK sent out Christmas cards headed "Happy Holidays", over hear, we'd all assume it was political correctness. Come on America, lighten up, it's "Happy Christmas" or "Merry Christmas", not "Happy holidays !"


blue girl said...

Hi Norfolk Blogger,

It probably is political correctness, but we say it to be polite. Don't know if you're addressing someone Jewish or not and would rather just be polite and generic, I guess.

What I *really* think it is -- is that the retail stores came up with it so they wouldn't offend any paying customers. Then the whole thing just took on a life of its own.

Happy Christmas to you!

blue girl said...

Forgot to say...

If you come to my blog, you'll notice my "Mean Gingerbread Cookie Man."

A bunch of bloggers got together last year and had a Bake-off. We made fun of the whole "holiday" thing because Bill O'Reilly (a rather large mouthed pundit over here) always says Democrats are out to "get rid of Christmas."

Yeah, right. Not this blue girl!

It's just a joke we have fun with.