Lessons on how to piss off 50% of the electorate - From Cllr Warren Bradley, Lib Dem Leader of Liverpool City Council

If you want to know how to :

a) Guarantee you will lose control of the council in 22 months time.

b) Make you and your political party seem arrogant.

c) Make it very difficult to win parliamentary seats in your city

d) Annoy and put off 50% of the electorate.

Take a lesson from Cllr Warren Bradley, who despite being an Everton fan, decided to give a short, rather miserable response to what seemed like some very reasonable questions from an Everton fansite.

It's no wonder the Lib Dems lose seats in Liverpool. I have to say, given the party's attitude towards Everton in the city and my own Everton leanings, I'd find it very difficult to vote Lib Dem if I lived in Liverpool.


Anonymous said...

As a London resident I know very little about the Toffeemens' ground controversy, but reading the Hitler comparison in Mr Handley's original message, I'd say that Warren Bradley's response was fairly restrained - and the subsequent messages suggest that there is a division of opinion among Evertonians on this.

And what's this about Warren earning more than Gordon Brown - does he work a seven day week as a fireman as well as being Council Leader?

Unknown said...

As an Evertonian, I personally think the questions asked of mr bradley were relevant and were things that Liverpool CC have avoided answering time and time again.