My first political memory - A new meme

I have been tagged by The ThunderDragon to talk about "my first political memory".

For me, I have vague recollections of the 1979 general election, but nothing specific. However, my first proper political memory was of being told I was too old to have school milk. When I asked why, I was told to ask Margaret Thatcher. For me Margaret Thatcher will always be "Margaret Thatcher - Milk Snatcher".

I guess it was the very first reason not to like Thatcher.

I have now got to tag some other people, so will ask Paul Walter (apparently he is the good cop to my bad cop), Iain Dale (I'll get in first), Ordovicius, Normal Mouth, Some Random Thoughts, Grendel Grendel and Hug a Hoodie.

Update : Paul Walter, always ahead of the game seems to have done this yesterday ! Typical Lib Dem, one step ahead of the game.


Anonymous said...

All your links go to Grendel for some reason

Paul Walter said...

Yes, I see I am Danny Glover to your Mel Gibson. How did that happen?

With spooky coincidence, I actually recalled my earliest political memory yesterday:


Apologies if this doesn't strictly comply with the tagging etiquette.

Unknown said...

A couple wer erong, now fixed. Thanks. Oh, and I seem to have cocked up by taggin you after the ThunderDragon had also done so. If only I were so popular !

Anonymous said...

If only I were so popular !

If only I was this popular with the ladies!

ThunderDragon said...

This meme seems to have taken off very quickly!

Grendel said...

Done. And thanks for the tag.


James Higham said...

Yes, some good links.

Normal Mouth said...

Snap. It was Thatcher for me too. The old bag.