Forget the plague of slugs, there is a much bigger problem than that !

Newspapers, website and TV and Radio have been making much in the last week of the so called "plague of slugs and snails" sweeping across the country in the wake of all the recent wet weather. And yes, they might be correct. However, there is something much worse than that abroad, and I am not on about the dreadful moss that has infested my lawn too.;


Absolutely bloody great big giant spiders.

I hate spiders. I loathe them, detest them, fear them, in fact, you could say I dislike spiders as much as I dislike Green party activists. And every night for the last four nights sometime after midnight we seem to find an enormous bloody great big spider on the floor by the stairs or on a curtain or under a radiator.

Whilst the press are reporting on slugs, why are they not reporting on the massive spiders that are everywhere this year !

Am I the only person suffering this plague ?


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And I've had to ispose of another one since I wrote this first post !